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RUBRIG products in the newest children’s playgrounds in the Baltic States

This year, in collaboration with Fixman, a number of stunning and colorful children’s playgrounds have been created in the Baltics. Thanks to RUBRIG products, these playgrounds are not only aesthetically attractive but also safe.  These projects encompass various elements: safety rubber tiles, 2D EPDM graphics and 3D rubber shapes – spheres, hemispheres and cubes.

Take a look and get inspired through the photos of the latest projects. Let’s create safe and fun playgrounds together!

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New product group – 2D graphics!

We can be proud of the company’s continues development and the possibility to offer new products. To make the playground unique, we have created a new product group – 2D EPDM graphics, which assures that every children’s playground and sports activity field is playful and aesthetically attractive.

We offer a standard set of designs as well as custom-made designs for illustrations, numbers, letters, games, logos and plant-inspired imagery.Graphic elements are fitted into the surface of RUBRIG tiles or can be used for in-situ (poured) safety rubber surfaces.

Open your mind to art: choose illustrations not just from our selection but create your own unique design. Make your safety surfaces one of a kind by using RUBRIG 2D graphics tiles and showcase your story!

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New product line RUBSLICE presented at FIBO

This year we had the pleasure of presenting our brand new line of products RUBSLICE and RUBSLICE MULTI at FIBO – the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health. Several halls packed full of great products, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we were among the best quality companies there – presenting what is an alternative to a roll, thin sheets of compressed rubber, offering durability, style and great comfort. Not only do our tiles offer the safety and design that would make any space look stylish, but they are easy to install – no more rolling up edges and tonnes of glue – our tiles can be installed even by one person because you can lay them one at a time with less adhesive that is required for a roll. Did we mention you can now print anything on those tiles? Well, now you know! Looking forward to the next year’s show. Thank you FIBO for great inspiration and for bringing such high quality companies and people together.

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RUBRIG at a fun climbing facility in Germany

A great example of inventive recreational facilities for kids – a creative way to exercise and have fun!

This climbing facility uses our playground tiles with shock-absorbing pads, 750kg/m3 in density – great for a firm surface that still absorbs the energy when someone falls!

Yellow EPDM tiles and grey SBR provide a nice combination – perfect for adding a block of colour and outlining specific sections.

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RUBRIG at Caravia Beach Hotel on Kos

One of the latest projects at Caravia Beach Hotel on Kos island. Out colourful Cracked Earth design tiles create a fun atmosphere and an uplifting mood! Brilliant project. Thank you for choosing RUBRIG!

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RUBRIG at Nike Training Day at Arena Riga, Latvia

A great training day at the Arena Riga and we are always happy to see our surfaces play an important role in people’s health and fitness. Here Nike chose to use our originally-designed Puzzle-lock tiles, perfect for fitness and training. Amazing to see people pushing themselves to achieve their goals without needing to worry about what they are stepping on! Surfaces we walk on are so instinctive and when they are of great quality, the experience is seamless!

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RUBRIG at Maja 1 Trade Show in Riga, Latvia

Our dear partners and colleagues presented their products through their creative and high-spec stand at the Maja 1 Trade show in Riga, Latvia. Our designer tiles go particularly well with high quality modern playgrounds, where a bit of colour and texture add that extra touch to create a memorable experience and inspiring ambience.


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RUBRIG at Eurohorse 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden

This year at the biggest equestrian trade show in the Northern Europe, Eurohorse 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden, we were happy to see our great partners and friends, Stallkomaniet with their stand and products and our mats especially designed for stables. Their sleek design and high quality products go perfectly with our stable mats, as we strive for authenticity and aesthetics in both design and quality.

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