This year we had the pleasure of presenting our brand new line of products RUBSLICE and RUBSLICE MULTI at FIBO – the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health. Several halls packed full of great products, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we were among the best quality companies there – presenting what is an alternative to a roll, thin sheets of compressed rubber, offering durability, style and great comfort. Not only do our tiles offer the safety and design that would make any space look stylish, but they are easy to install – no more rolling up edges and tonnes of glue – our tiles can be installed even by one person because you can lay them one at a time with less adhesive that is required for a roll. Did we mention you can now print anything on those tiles? Well, now you know! Looking forward to the next year’s show. Thank you FIBO for great inspiration and for bringing such high quality companies and people together.