The Latvian company «RUBRIG» sets new trends in the market of rubber safety flooring

Riga, 22.09.2016: The Latvian company «RUBRIG» launched the plant for the production of rubber safety flooring for sports clubs and fitness centers, children's playgrounds and recreation areas, urban environment and industrial buildings. The production capacity of the new factory is 100000 m2 per year, which exceeds by ten times the Latvian market volume of «RUBRIG». The newest innovative production in Europe is located on the area of 1115 m2 in Adazi, Latvia. Modern high-tech manufacturing lines provide high efficiency of the manufacturing processes. Investments of the company amounted to 1,15 million euros.

Factory «RUBRIG» is a new project of the Latvian entrepreneurs' team, a response to the fast-growing global market of injury-free, anti-shock and sound-absorbing floor covering, made of recycled secondary raw materials (used tires). Rubber safety flooring is growing market everywhere as this is a sustainable alternative to traditional hard surfaces. The ambitions of the new producers are primarily focused on the Scandinavian market, the growth rate of which (+ 25% per year) exceeds the growth rate of the world market (+ 7% a year). «Our target market Scandinavia is a good reference point for the development of new products, there is a high demand for technological and design innovations. Its territorial and cultural proximity allows us to consider it as "home market ", - says the chairman of the company «RUBRIG» Dainis Bonda.

According to Mr. Bonda, who has more than 10 years of experience in the industry of safe flooring, the idea of plant construction was prompted by the rapidly growing security requirements not only for children's playgrounds, sports and fitness areas, but other modern urban infrastructure - streets, squares, car parks, railway stations, parks, recreation and public events locations. «Old Europe enterprises being historical leaders in terms of quality, sometimes no longer cope with the demands of fast-growing markets. Many of them, working on the old equipment, are limited in the implementation of technological innovations and the development of revolutionary new products. We, as a new innovative plant, have a lot of master cards in terms of development of new products. For example, the great constructive algorithms of our tiles allowed us to increase by an average of 10% the factors responsible for the safety of the fall HIC (head injury criterion) », Mr. Bonda explains.

The flagship product of the new enterprise are safety rubber tiles of different sizes and thickness for safe sports, children's and other outdoor and indoor infrastructure objects with high injury risk factors. Taking into account the growing trend to equip urban and recreational areas, architectural and cultural sites with fall-injury reducing and durable flooring, «RUBRIG» offers the collection of original design patterns for different architectural space. The first public demonstration of the brand-new «RUBRIG» products took place last week (September 14-17) at the international exhibition GaLaBau in Nuremberg. 4 design patterns (Waves, Cracked earth, Sun tree, Viewpoint) have received excellent reviews by environment architects and customers from the largest markets of Scandinavia, Germany, Arab countries... «We were the first on the market to have offered the "designer" tile and it seems we have hit the mark. Industry said: "Wow! That's what was missing!" The design approach will certainly broaden the scope and popularity of our product», says the head of the company D.Bonda about the first presentation of the product on the market

4 author designs

  • Wave - a fresh solution for open areas and terraces in the coastal areas, urban beaches, swimming pools, water parks, yacht clubs;
  • Cracked earth - a design, imitating the natural surface of the earth, organically integrates into public gardens, city parks, parking lots.
  • Sun tree - is perfect for central city and cultural sites for ethnic and historical architectural environment.
  • Viewpoint - dynamics and optical effect will decorate the objects in the Art Nouveau style, sports, children's and concert venues, amusement parks.

About the company

The company «RUBRIG» was registered in 2015. The project was launched in July this year, the company products have passed certification (TUV Nord , EN1177) The Chairman of the Board - Dainis Bonda, has been working in the field of safe flooring since 2005 and has personally participated in the implementation of more than 50 projects in the Baltic countries as a consultant and supplier.

For more information about the plant and its products contact the press consultant of the project T.Voitenko (t.+37129224007) or the head of the plant D.Bonda (t.+37127725227)